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Chandra History

Chandra History is an intriguing tale of two opposing sides that were very passionate for their own individual way of life and how the greater good of mankind is affected by their attempts to achieve that. Chandra Asha is a widow who was married to a rebellious son who loves to be on the forefront. She adores her husband as she loved her children.

Chandra Asha

Chandra Asha follows this little son to an unknown destination. The purpose of her trip was to find her lost brother. The journey is uneventful but she arrives at a place where she is taken prisoner by a few men who are seeking for a woman for their tribe. While they were talking, a random tree felled the arrow lodged in the trunk and this makes Chandra Asha falls in love with him. Therefore, the past is very important for us. The past was in existence long before we were born but it took someone to decide to create a story about the past to continue to have us repeat it.



Unfortunately, humans are still not aware of the fact that we’re all we and that our ancestors walked the earth as humans long before we came into existence. 

Our Nature

It is our nature and by not understanding, we act as if we want change, something is wrong and we don’t get to choose.

The Key

Understanding is the key. We must understand that if we fail to understand, we fail to change.


Knowledge, including a holistic perspective of life, is the most powerful weapon one can ever possess.

Lessons We Learn

We are not intended to be God. You see, we all have things to learn from every situation, every person, every situation. What happened to us is not always right, we cannot let go of the past. But, we can choose the outcome and choose the lessons we learn from it, not the knowledge that was there, but the knowledge we must always carry with us.

What Our Families are Saying

If you ask me, all the marriages are not fair and as a Darshan’s son, I am extremely upset that one side seems to be in control while the other tries to rule. My question is why? All I wanted to do was to take my brother to some unknown destination with the idea of reuniting with him someday.


This is the kind of bad history we’re fighting about. At the end of the day, we as humans must accept the fact that we were once, when we were born, not meant to be part of these fights but instead, the sole cause of it being so. 

The most important point of the story that I found interesting is the importance of history. Before we are born, our parents prepare us with a story of what will be the significant event in our lives. We use our lives to repeat these events over again. 

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